IgA nephropathy, also known as Berger’s disease, is a medical condition in which an antibody named immunoglobulinA builds up in your kidneys and causes inflammations, leading to damaged kidneys.

Until now, nobody finds out the exact causes why IgA deposits in the kidneys, but the it is known that the following factors are associated with this disease.


It concludes bacterial infections and HIV.

Genetic factors

If your parents or grandparents have IgA nephropathy, you are at higher risk to be affected with this disease than others.

Celiac Disease

Eating gluten, a protein found in most grains, triggers this digestive condition.

Liver Disease

The related live diseases include chronic hepatitis B and C infections, as well as liver cirrhosis.

Affected people may not notice any symptom of IgA nephropathy at the early stage. Many patients are found out this disease when they take routine tests.

The symptoms of IgA nephropathy are as follows:

-blood urine or cola-colored urine

-foamy urine

-swelling in legs, ankles and eyes

-lower back pain

-high blood pressure

If you are experiencing one or more the symptoms mentioned above, talk to your doctors is a best choice.

If you have IgA nephropathy, your dietitian may recommend your to make diet changes as follows.

-limit the intake of sodium. It helps to relieve swellings and lower your blood pressure.

-keep a diet low in fat and cholesterol. It helps control high blood pressure and reduce fats in your blood.

-take a correct amount of water. You are suggested to talk with your doctors to figure out the water intake you should have. Thus, it can help relieving your swellings in legs, ankles or eyes.

Treatment options for IgA nephropathy conclude threes kinds, namely, treatments on symptoms, damaged kidneys and replacement for your kidneys.

Treatment on symptoms

ACE or ARBs are used to lower your blood pressure levels; diuretics are used to relive your swellings. Immunosuppressant is used to stop your immune system attacking your kidneys.

Treatment on damaged kidneys

TCM therapies are used to improve your body’s ability to heal your own damaged renal cells and improve your kidney s’ ability to filter your bloods and remove the toxins out of your body.

Replacement for your kidneys

Without a good control, IgA nephropathy may develop into end stage renal disease. Dialysis or kidney transplant will be suggested by your doctors. Both of them works to replace your kidneys. Dialysis replaces your kidneys to filter your blood and remove the waste products. Kidney transplant is a surgery in which your will receive a healthy kidney from living donor or deceased donor.