kidney cysts refers to round pouch of fluid on or in your kidney. Typically, only one cyst grows on the surface of a kidney while multiple cysts can occurs on both kidneys. But both of them are not same with Polycystic Kidney Disease.

It is not clear what are the exact causes of kidney cyst. But some researchers believe that renal cysts occur when the surface tissues of your kidneys weakens. In addition, researchers find out the disease is related with age, even though it can happen in people at any age. But you will get higher risk to develop kidney cyst with your age increasing.

Usually, simple kidney cysts cause no signs and symptoms. Many people are found out cysts on kidneys when they take a ultrasound or VT for another reason. However, you may also find some subtle symptoms as follows:

-pain in your back, side or upper abdomen

-frequent infections, chills, fever etc


-high blood pressure

-dark urine

-urinating more often than usual

No evidence shows that specific diet can help prevent the development of kidney cysts. However, a healthy diet can help to relieve your symptoms and protect your kidneys from further damages. Here are some common diet tips for kidney cysts as follows.

-take less salt. If you have kidney cyst, it is better for you to take less salt, because too much salt increases your blood pressure, which can damage your kidneys.

-eat a moderate amount of protein. Protein is an important substance which helps your body to grow, heal and keep healthy. It is necessary to your body, but excessive protein intake will put stress on your kidneys. So you are suggested to talk with your doctors and find out the right amount that you should take. How much protein you take depends on your age, body size and your medical condition.

-drink less alcohol. Actually, it is your liver not your kidneys which are responsible for breaking down alcohol. But if you take too much alcohol, you are at a higher risk of stroke, heart disease and liver disease etc.

If your kidney cyst causes no symptoms or complications, and no damages on your kidneys, you may not need any treatment. But, you are suggested to take imaging test regularly. Once your kidney cyst enlarges or changes, which causes symptoms, you doctors will help you to make a treatment plan.


If your kidney cyst are too large and causes serious damages on your kidneys, you doctor may suggest you to receive a surgery to remove it.


To shrink your cyst, your doctors may use to long and thin needle through the wall of the kidney cyst and drain out of the fluids and fill the cyst with alcohol solution.

TCM Therapy

Some herbs are believed to shrink cysts in your body naturally. And many patients choose TCM therapy, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, decoction, medicated bath, foot bath etc to treat their cysts naturally.