What is Tumor?

Tumor refers to an abnormal mass of tissue which forms in your body in a conditions that cells generate more than they should or fail to die when they should.

It seems like a lump or bump of tissue. As it is said, not all tumors are cancerous. Only malignant tumors are cancerous and the cancerous cell may develop to other organs of the body. To make a further diagnosis, you are suggested to see a doctor as soon as possible.

What is a tumor?

If your body runs well, cells grow, divide, and replace each other in the body. As new cells generate, the old ones dies and are removed from our body. If a person is diagnosed with tumor, it means that the new cells generate more than your body needs. As a result, the cells stay and build up in blood or tissue, which form to tumor.

Tumor can develops at any part your body. In addition, the size of tumor differs from a tiny nodule to a large swelling, which are based on the type.

What are the types of tumor?

Commonly, tumors are divided into 3 types as follows.

Benign tumor. Benign tumor means noncancerous, which is really a good news for patients. In this condition, it don’t come back, if your doctor remove it from your body. Benign tumor don’t grow or develop, or even it spreads in a very slow rate.

Premalignant tumor. In theses conditions, the tumor has a risk to develop into cancerous one, but it doesn’t yet.

Malignant tumor. In these tumors, the cells are cancerous. And the cells can develop and spread to other parts of the body.

Once tumor is founded, it is necessary for patient to monitor it regularly, because it is hard to predict how the cells to act.

What Are the Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Symptoms of brain tumor differs from the type and location. Brain control various functions of the body, different part of the brains master different functions. So the locations of the brain tumors determine the difference of the symptoms.

Different types of brains tumors also affects the symptoms. Some tumors are too tiny to show no symptoms. But some tumors can cause very serious symptoms, which may cause a fast decline in health. In addition, some tumors may lead to symptoms which develops slowly.

What are the symptoms of brain tumor?

-headache. It is the most common symptom which does not cured by usual therapies.

-weakness, fatigue

-eye problems

-fail to concentrate

-vomiting in the morning

-memory deterioration

-fail to keep balance

-speech or hearing problems

-feel numb in legs or arms

If you have brain tumor, you may experience one or more symptoms above. But you need to know, many other conditions may also lead to these symptoms. So it is a good idea to see a doctor for diagnosis, if you have similar problems.

Word in word, you can not find single food which can cure tumor, but many studies has shown that keeping a diet with diverse healthy foods can risky possibilities of tumor.

Diet Change Helps Prevent Tumor

Speaking of tumor, many people feel threatened, because some of tumors may develops into cancer. But growing evidence shows that changes on diet are very helpful in preventing tumor. This article will talk about the connection between diet and tumor.

We don’t find a superfood which can prevent tumor or cancer, but studies suggest healthy diet management is necessary to decline the risk of tumor, and also some food is beneficial to boost the effect of treatment.

Why are some foods believed to fight tumor? Because these food can block the blood vessels which feed tumor in a process which is known as anti-angiogenesis. One thing you should to know is that only food cannot cure your tumor or cancer, it only shows the benefits to help fight tumor.

Here are some suggested food than can help prevent tumor.

Fruit: many fruit include antioxidants that can help prevent tumor. One review found that at least three servings of citrus fruits per week reduced stomach cancer risk by 28%.

Vegetables: similar with fruit, the antioxidant in certain vegetables can help prevent tumor. For example, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli.

Beans and Legumes: they contain high level of fiber, which protect against colorectal cancer. Study suggests that most legumes had up to a 50% lower risk of certain types of cancers.

Garlic: it contains allicin. This substance shows cancer-fighting ability in test-tube studies.

Flaxseeds: they are linked to protective effects which fight against tumor. They still show the ability to decrease the cancerous cell spread.

Fish: fish contains healthy fat, which has been shown to have inflammation-reducing properties. Studies found that taking fish regularly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Diagnosis and Treatment of benign tumors

Benign tumors, such as adenomas, fibromas, Hemangiomas, Lipomas, lipoblastomas, means these cells are not cancerous and they don’t grow or develop, or enlarge very slowly.

Tumor differs in size and type, and the benign ones do not invade nearby healthy tissue or spread to other part of your body. Lipomas, for example, grow from fat cells and most cases with lipomas are benign tumor in adults. Diagnosis of benign tumor depends on the locations and type. Tumor marker tests and imaging studies will be necessary. Cysts are similar conditions which may be hard to distinct from tumor. Actually, they are different. Tumor is an lump or swelling of tissue while a cyst is something similar but contains fluid or air, even other materials. Biopsy can determine whether a the mass is cyst or tumor.

Whether patients need a treatment or not depends on personal condition. If tumors causes no problems, doctors may just leave you a message “wait and see” and you need to monitor the growth of tumor regularly. But if your tumor causes problems or symptoms, and a surgery may be necessary. The goal of surgery is to cut down the tumor spread to surrounding tissues. Besides, the other treatments may contain radiation and medication.